Journey Healers

Get a glimpse into your 2018 year~~ what to look for and what to look out for!  This reading (completed via email) will go from month to month, outlining what is going to be happening, highlighting what you're doing right, and showing what can be improved on or to watch out for.


Each reading is done with the energy of the client in mind.  After purchase, you will receive an email indicating the timeframe that you can expect your reading.  

This can be purchased onilne via paypal, or Email Money Transfer to  

This year, you have the option of two different readings to choose from: 

1 Year Reading with Tarot Cards~ looking at the year ahead through the energy of tarot, you will be given a look at what you can expect to come forward and how to move through the energies.  

or 1 Year Reading Tarot and Tea Leaf~ looking at the year ahead by combining the energy of tarot, as well as the predictive concepts of tea leaf readings.  This reading will be combined to bring you the most accurate look at the year ahead, and what to look out for, who to invite into you life, and how to incorporate the energies to create a year of love, growth and understanding.  

In 2017 people had to say~~

I get it now Catherine~~ when you said I had a woman coming forward in October that would cause me stress-- I get it~~thanks for helping me to prepare for her!- Jo, Kitchener, Ontario

Wow!  I knew 2016 was a tough one but 2017 was even tougher~~ thank you for the reading as it helped to prepare for events that I wasn't even aware of as the year started.  It makes me believe everything is unfolding perfectly- Natalie, Waterloo, Ontario

Baby came in July--- just like you said!!  She's stubborn already!!- Marie, Hamilton, Ontario

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1 Year Tarot~ 2018

$ 18.00 CAD

A 12 month look at the year ahead to help you navigate through the year with an open heart.   Designed to help create more of what you love in your life, while also helping to be prepared for the obstacles that may come up.  


1 Year Tea and Tarot- 2018

$ 38 CAD

A one year look ahead using both the tarot and tea leaf reading to combine the energies and give you the most accurate prediction as to what lies ahead.  The tarot helps you to focus in on the energies coming forward and how you can move through them, while the tea leaf reading will give you a look at new people coming in, obstacles, etc that you may need to work through.