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Reader Feedback for Power Surge


Catherine, I am only in the middle of your book Power Surge, and it is amazing.  I agree with you on a lot of the stuff that you talk about.  I am careful about what I post on my Facebook account, and am going to start using some of the affirmations that you've used in your book!  Thank you so much!-

Diane Morgan, Waterloo, Ontario


Catherine, I have just finished reading Power Surge, and I have to say, it was amazing.  I am thinking of things you said all the time. If I am being negative I think about what you said. I have wanted to lose weight for a while, same steps.  I think about each thing that is contributing to it.  I am now re reading it so I can write down little notes to keep with me.  Thanks for sharing it with me!

 Dai Matthews, Clifford, Ontario


Reader Feedback, Woman To Woman, The Journey To Me


When I first bought Woman to Woman, The Journey To Me, I sat down on a park bench and began to read.  I couldn't put it down.  Catherine's words just spoke right to me.  For the first time in a long time, I seen my life as being a positive one, rather than one filled with negativity and animosity.  I learned so much about myself, and to love myself again.  I am giving it to my best friend to read....and will continue to share it with other women.  It is a great book!! --Tracy Smith, Kitchener, Ontario


Catherine-  I just finished reading your book, and I absolutely loved it.  You're words were so inpsiring and so uplifting.  Knowing that you have overcome so much and where you are today amazes me and makes me realize that I too can overcome the ghosts in my own closet.  Thank you so much!-Anonymous


 I am at such a loss of words when it comes to your book.  When I think of it all I can say is WOW.  I have read so many other books that are to be inspiring, but this is the first one that was able to INSPIRE me.  Although my experiences have been very different than those of your own, the words you wrote still reached me in a way that I can't explain.  Thank you so much for sharing your story and motivation.  Women around the country will be blessed to read this!!-Janice Wise, Springfield, Ontario



After reading the book Woman To Woman, The Journey To Me, I was motivated to make changes in my life, and motivated me to continue on with the things that I enjoyed, even though others thought that I should have given them up long ago.  It was a truly inspiring book and I thank you for it.-Liz, Kitchener, Ontario



I was completely amazed with the way Woman To Woman changed my life, my way of thinking ad my way of dealing with life.  Thank you Catherine for opening my eyes to the ME I had inside-Mary Jane Langhor, St. Thomas, Ontario



I read Woman to Woman The Journey To Me, in less than a day.  I couldn't put the book down.  I felt as though Catherine had written word for word just to me.  She spoke right into my heart of hearts and found emotions I didn't realize that I had.  When I was done, I gave it to a friend  to read.  We are nothing alike.  She too couldn't get over how the book spoke to her in so many levels.  Being able to capture both of us with the same book is amazing.  Thank you so much!-Laura, Kitchener, Ontario


Out of tragedy is born the sweetest Joy. This capturing story spoken from a soul once in bondage is a testament to the unspeakable joy that is uncovered when we embrace not what the world sees in us but what we see in ourselves. Catherine Graham reveals the true beauty of her own soul which has grown to understand and embrace the Goddess within. In brief explanation this story spoken on such a personal note and in truth is an expression turned into a current. One can choose to accept to ride this current of change and be forever changed by the wisdom Catherine shares, or one can choose to continue blindly searching for that missing piece of life. Catherine writes about a higher form of being, shaking off all that has burdened us down and opening to our Higher self. She speaks of those things that block us from experiencing life abundantly, our fears, and our desire to hold onto something even when it serves us no more. She speaks of being real to ourselves most importantly and to our friends, and as any describes the heart and beauty of each of us Woman in search of that one True Love. Catherine answers the following questions and many more in this beautiful novel.  What masks do we wear in one day? What is our own personal image we have of our self? What can connect us to someone forever? How can we let go of a hurtful Past that haunts us?  My prayer is this book by Catherine Graham will indeed enter the lives of those in need of its message. In short that would be everyone! By example we can all learn from ourselves, embrace ourselves, love ourselves and most important of all be ourselves. --Review by Colleen C Smith,  Author and Earthsister, Brussels, Ontario


I just wanted to tell you that I just finished your book, and I never put it down.  I read it, front to back.  It was an amazing book!  You have truly opened a lot of doors for me.  I never really looked at the things before like I should have, and after reading your book, I believe it's time for me to start my own thank you for that!  I really enjoyed reading your work...I can't wait to hear what your next book says! - Amanda, Listowel, Ontario


Reader Feedback for What My Mother Taught Me


Thank you Catherine for this wonderful ebook, You say it all so well! Delightful!- Christine Sloboda, Kitchener, Ontario