Journey Healers

 Certificates, Participant and Awards


Reiki Master Level 4, Mark, Olive Readers

It Didn't Start With You, Mark Wolynn, Pittsburgh, PA, USA


Medical Reiki (TM), RKMRA, Patricia Johnston

Munay-ki Fascillitator, Lorena Calrusso

Indian Head Massage, Danielle Sennhauser-Hughes

Restoration of the Homeopathic Generation of Bodies, Dee Hughes

Trifold Dimensions, Donna Rossenberg

Joy of Embodiment, Dee Hughes


Cut It Out, Salons Against Domestic Abuse, Neighbours Friends and Family,

Reciprocating Dimensionalities, Dee Hughes

Access Energetic Facelift Practitioner, Dee Hughes

MTVSS, Dee Hughes


Axiatonal Alignment, Dee Hughes

Integrated Energy Therapy, Intermediate Level, Sherry Irvine

Integrated Energy Therapy, Basic Level, Sherry Irvine


Healing Angels of the Energy Field, Sherry Irvine,

Access Bars, Dee Hughes

Access Bars, Wanda Psutka


Crystal Therapy Techniques, Dee Hughes

Reiki Master, Tracey Bester

Shamballa Level 1, Cindy Pearce


Hot Stone Therapy Practitioner, School of Hot Stone Therapy

Hand Heart Healing Technique, Carol A Baltkans

Reiki Level 2, Tracey Bester

Hypnotherapy, School of Hypnosis


Reiki Level 1, Tracey Bester

Certified Coach Practitioner, Patrick Mathieu, Healthy Wealthy and Wise


Personal Psychology, Granton Institute of Technology