Journey Healers



Catherine and I have worked together for three months.  In the beginning I was a little hesitant, because I wasn't sure I knew what coaching was all about...what I did know was that my life had come to a dead end, and I needed to change it.  Working with Catherine, I was able to see the mistakes I was making in my life, and come up with solutions that worked for me.  I went from being a lonely, depressed person, to being a person who is in love with herself.  If I hadn't worked Catherine, I would still be stuck where I was.  Catherine offered me a great sounding board, without ever making me feel I was less of a person or that my emotions and feelings were wrong.  She really helped me develop a way of looking at my situations and really finding solutions that I needed.  I recommend her to anyone who is looking to make a change.-  Alice McDonald 


Catherine, I just wanted to thank you for the work and commitment you gave me during my sessions with you. After receiving your services, I feel as though my life has changed around, just as you promised.  You have helped me to see the wonderful person that I am, after I struggled for so many years with who I was.  I can never say thank you enough, for your non-judging attitude, your helpful insights, and your compassion to me through our sessions.  Thanks again, - L. Stricker, Ontario, Canada


When I first started working with Catherine, I was literally feeling stuck in a rut.  I had recently been laid off, and was dreading finding another 'factory' job.  When I met with Catherine, she encouraged me to pursue my first passion, which is photography.  With Catherine's help, I have been able to start my photography business, and have truly created the life that I have always wanted.  I highly recommend Catherine, and her services to any one who wants to regain the control in their life, and become truly happy!

-Christine Aigner, C.Aigner Photography