Journey Healers

Draw Your Spirit Guide Workshop

Saturday September 24, 10am-3pm

In this class, you will explore your connection with your Spirit Guide, and draw a picture of them using chalk pastels so that you have an image of your Spirit Guide for speaking to, meditating with, and bringing a deeper understanding of the self. 

There is no right or wrong in this course, nor do you need to be a creative genius to connect with your Spirit Guide and draw them. 

Each participant will take part in a relaxing meditation, and create at least one picture of their Spirit guide (more, depending on how much time you spend with each one, with no limit).  At the end of the class, each participant will focus on a chosen Spirit Guide to bring forth any messages that are needing to be heard. 

Please email to sign up

Investment: $50 CAD
Includes : Meditation, All Tools Needed, Messages from Your Spirit Guide, One on One work