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Past Life Regression Testimonials


Catherine provides an environment where one can feel safe and secure while experiencing a Past Life Regression.  Not only did I learn about the past, but I also felt a strong connection between what I learned and how it applies to my present life.  I believe that my inherent beliefs, attitudes and fears were shaped by my previous lives.  There are particular teachings that come along with a spiritual journey, and it became apparent to me that each life offers important lessons which can be carried over in the present life.  What was most impressive was doing the historical research after the regression, and discovering my visions were legitimate.  While in the dream state, I found myself very relaxed- both physically and mentally- and I felt very comfortable sharing my visions with Catherine.  I highly recommend going to see Catherine, if you are seeking out a spiritual journey in a safe and serene atmosphere.

-Dana Jaunzemis, Hamilton, Ontario



When I first decided on getting a past life regression, I was unsure as to what I should expect.  I was even a bit skeptical about it all, however, my regression experience was one that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I was amazed at how quickly I was relaxed, with Catherine's voice guiding me along my journey, and how easily she took me back into past lives.  More importantly, I was able to make some very strong connections between my past lives and my present life, and to bring a better understanding to the way some of my relationships were, and to bring healing and closure to these relationships as well.  I went in with very little expectations, and came out with a whole new outlook!

-Wendy McCubbin, Kitchener, Ontario



Catherine is a very easy going woman, who instantly puts you at ease.  I received the past life regressions as a gift from my husband, as it was always something I wanted to try out.  What I learned by simply revisiting my past lives was absolutely incredible.  There are events in this lifetime that I have felt very strongly about, and viewing my past lives helped me to understand this better.  The best part about my regression, was being able to speak with my grandfather, whom I was always very close to, however he had passed away ten years ago.  I was relaying such personal messages to myself, through him, and receiving the advice and guidance that I was needing and wanting.  

 -Sara James, Kitchener, Ontario