Healing Journey Day Planner – 2018


This daily companion has been created to help inspire, teach and guide you, as you map out the journey of 2018 before you. Each day is organized for you to schedule your appointments, set your intentions, and inspire your Soul to move forward in big ways.

In this planner, you will find daily quotes to get your mind thinking of the day ahead, and the changes that you can make in your life.
There are monthly reminders of the New Moon, and Full Moon, where you are also guided to write your Abundance Checks, and Release Statements so that your year is abundant, blessed and free of stuck energies. You will find 12 abundance checks and an idea of Release Statements at the back of your planner, so you never have an excuse not to do it!
You are also given a head’s up when Mercury in Retrograde will be happening and helpful tips to get you through these energies.
Each week begins with your Intentions of the Week, much like a to do list, without the judgement of having to get it done, attached to it– more of what you are wanting to achieve that week in your life to keep you moving forward.
You are also given Spirit Nuggets every week, to teach you spiritual concepts, new ways of thinking and new ways to get out of your own comfort zone. Some of these may be reminders of what you already know, and some may challenge you to make changes in your life.
I invite you to come explore with me, to step into your power and your abundance , in the next year ahead.
Order your copy today, to grab hold of the possibilities that Spirit holds for you.


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