Journey Healers

Rahmuth Wheel Reading

$ 150 CAD

Sale!! (October 3-October 10) 
Regularly $200 CA
The Rahmuth Wheel Reading is quite possibly the most intense reading you will ever receive.   Using the full deck of tarot, the Rahmuth Wheel looks at the past, present and future of your Inner Self, Security, Plans/Ideas to come into Fruition, Family Background, Hopes/Desires, Health, Partners/Loved Ones, Potential Gains, Travel, Life Purpose, Satisfaction, Desires and Hidden Vibrations.   
You will also receive guidance on 3 past life patterns that are affecting you now in your personal life, including life story, relationships and stuck patterns (and how to work through these)  
At the time of purchase, you will ask 9 questions of the cards, which will be answered in their entirety throughout the reading, or at the very end.   
Please allow up to one week from the time of purchase to receive your reading.  
This reading is currently being done online only, and takes approximately 3 hours to complete wholly.   You will receive a full written email report, as well as a picture of your spread to reflect back on at later dates.   The reading works well within a 3 month time period.  
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