Journey Healers

Tarot and Akashic Record Reading Testimonials


  I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had done this reading for me. And you were so accurate with everything you said to me from what the cards showed. Too accurate actually! You have no idea the emotions that reading evoked. Anyway, thanks so much.
-Shelley, Ontario Canada


It gave me chills to hear what you and the cards had to say.  You were able to hit on aspects of my life that I was having a hard time communicating.  It evoked a lot of emotion from me and helped me to realize that what I want in life is validated.  Thank you.  -Pattie Sue, Cambridge, Ontario


The tarot reading had amazing accuracy.  Some things I never told anyone you were able to hit.  Thank you.-  Rose, Kitchener, Ontario


WOW!!  You really hit the nail on the head!  Thank you Catherine-- you brought me a better clarity for what path I should be choosing at this point in my life.  Thank you.- Linda, Kitchener, Ontario


I was completely unsure of what an Akashic Record reading was Catherine, but I have to say I was amazed by the response that you gave me.  The focus on the inner work that I have done, and still need to do was amazing.  When I meet a man, I focus on his hands to see if he will be right for me.  The fact that you were able to connect with that 'knowing' or whatever you call it amazes me.- Mandy


Thank you~thank you~ thank you!!  Amazing accuracy-  TJ, New Hamburg