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At Journey Healers, we want to provide you with up to date information about what our clients are saying about us.  Below you will find testimonials to many of our services and products.


When I went in for my first Reiki treatment, I was experiencing a lot of lower back and leg pain. The pain was so intense that I was becoming irritable. After the Reiki treatment, the pain became very minimal, and my irritability disapated. I was very relaxed. I highly recommend a Reiki treatment for anyone who is experiencing imbalances of any sort. - Jon Graham, Kitchener, Ontario

I like Reiki. It tickles, and it makes me feel good, like yoga. - Jezika Topham, age 4

I've recently had the Preseli Blue Stone session with Catherine, and it was great!! Highly recommend it for deep healing. During the session, I felt incredibly relaxed, and at times a lot of pressure in my chest as lower vibrations and blockages were lifted away. Amazing too for my stubborn aching shoulder!!~Sherri

Catherine is a gifted healer. She is lovely, kind, patient & knowledgeable. I always come home relaxed yet inspired after a session with her. Thank you ♥~ Sherry

Had an amazing session with Catherine today ! I would reccomend her to anyone. The session I had was exactly what I needed to hear ! Very professional and relaxing~~Crissy

I always feel so much better when I have had contact with Catherine whether it is a session or a class. I always gain knowledge and a sense of peace. Thank you Catherine!~ Victoria


I am blown away by Catherine from Journey Healers SHE IS a medium. And the things and ppl that came through are amazing!~~ Lisa

I was fortunate to meet Catherine today for a reading. My mother and I both were able to have readings completed by her. I was quite happy with both my mothers and my reading. The vibe I received from Catherine is that she is positive personal and influential. We went past our time a tad and she didn't kick us out or set a time limit. I would recommend her to others for sure. She was very generous with my mother and gave her a gift to help her as well as myself...I was overjoyed when I received my gift from her. I will return to her again in the future. Thanks so much Catherine!~Tammy

Catherine is ALWAYS there for matter what I need she's my go to girl! i'm so incredibly thankful for everything she has helped me through! She's so kind, generous and willing to help, she makes you feel comfortable asking any question (and trust me i've asked some abnormal questions lol)! ♥~~Crystal

Catherine is a very kind, & loving healer that generously shares her gifts. I recently received a 3 card reading from Catherine. The reading is detailed, insightful and encouraging. At first I didn't know exactly what part of my life the reading was describing & this was because it could have been referring to several different situations. In the 6 days since the reading, there has been enough of a shift in my life that I understand the message Spirit had Catherine give me. I am appreciative of this awareness. Thank you!!! ~~Amy

I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had done this reading for me. And you were so accurate with everything you said to me from what the cards showed. Too accurate actually! You have no idea the emotions that reading evoked. Anyway, thanks so much.
-Shelley, Ontario Canada

It gave me chills to hear what you and the cards had to say. You were able to hit on aspects of my life that I was having a hard time communicating. It evoked a lot of emotion from me and helped me to realize that what I want in life is validated. Thank you. -Pattie Sue, Cambridge, Ontario

Thank you~thank you~ thank you!! Amazing accuracy- TJ, New Hamburg 


The tarot reading had amazing accuracy. Some things I never told anyone you were able to hit. Thank you.- Rose, Kitchener, Ontario

WOW!! You really hit the nail on the head! Thank you Catherine-- you brought me a better clarity for what path I should be choosing at this point in my life. Thank you.- Linda, Kitchener, Ontario

Past Life Regression

Catherine provides an environment where one can feel safe and secure while experiencing a Past Life Regression. Not only did I learn about the past, but I also felt a strong connection between what I learned and how it applies to my present life. I believe that my inherent beliefs, attitudes and fears were shaped by my previous lives. There are particular teachings that come along with a spiritual journey, and it became apparent to me that each life offers important lessons which can be carried over in the present life. What was most impressive was doing the historical research after the regression, and discovering my visions were legitimate. While in the dream state, I found myself very relaxed- both physically and mentally- and I felt very comfortable sharing my visions with Catherine. I highly recommend going to see Catherine, if you are seeking out a spiritual journey in a safe and serene atmosphere.-Dana Jaunzemis, Hamilton, Ontario

When I first decided on getting a past life regression, I was unsure as to what I should expect. I was even a bit skeptical about it all, however, my regression experience was one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was amazed at how quickly I was relaxed, with Catherine's voice guiding me along my journey, and how easily she took me back into past lives. More importantly, I was able to make some very strong connections between my past lives and my present life, and to bring a better understanding to the way some of my relationships were, and to bring healing and closure to these relationships as well. I went in with very little expectations, and came out with a whole new outlook!   -Wendy McCubbin, Kitchener, Ontario

Catherine is a very easy going woman, who instantly puts you at ease. I received the past life regressions as a gift from my husband, as it was always something I wanted to try out. What I learned by simply revisiting my past lives was absolutely incredible. There are events in this lifetime that I have felt very strongly about, and viewing my past lives helped me to understand this better. The best part about my regression, was being able to speak with my grandfather, whom I was always very close to, however he had passed away ten years ago. I was relaying such personal messages to myself, through him, and receiving the advice and guidance that I was needing and wanting.-Sara James, Kitchener, Ontario

Akashic Record Reading

I was completely unsure of what an Akashic Record reading was Catherine, but I have to say I was amazed by the response that you gave me. The focus on the inner work that I have done, and still need to do was amazing. When I meet a man, I focus on his hands to see if he will be right for me. The fact that you were able to connect with that 'knowing' or whatever you call it amazes me.- Mandy

Catherine is down to earth, funny, compassionate and kind. I had an akashic record reading and a mini mediumship session (all rolled into one) She was so tuned in - I felt a shift leaving the session. Thanks for a great experience. HIGHLY recommended.~~Karen




Reader Feedback for Power Surge

Catherine, I am only in the middle of your book Power Surge, and it is amazing. I agree with you on a lot of the stuff that you talk about. I am careful about what I post on my Facebook account, and am going to start using some of the affirmations that you've used in your book! Thank you so much!-  Diane Morgan, Waterloo, Ontario

Catherine, I have just finished reading Power Surge, and I have to say, it was amazing. I am thinking of things you said all the time. If I am being negative I think about what you said. I have wanted to lose weight for a while, same steps. I think about each thing that is contributing to it. I am now re reading it so I can write down little notes to keep with me. Thanks for sharing it with me! ~Dai Matthews, Clifford, Ontario

Reader Feedback, Woman To Woman, The Journey To Me

When I first bought Woman to Woman, The Journey To Me, I sat down on a park bench and began to read. I couldn't put it down. Catherine's words just spoke right to me. For the first time in a long time, I seen my life as being a positive one, rather than one filled with negativity and animosity. I learned so much about myself, and to love myself again. I am giving it to my best friend to read....and will continue to share it with other women. It is a great book!! --Tracy Smith, Kitchener, Ontario

Catherine- I just finished reading your book, and I absolutely loved it. You're words were so inpsiring and so uplifting. Knowing that you have overcome so much and where you are today amazes me and makes me realize that I too can overcome the ghosts in my own closet. Thank you so much!-Anonymous

I am at such a loss of words when it comes to your book. When I think of it all I can say is WOW. I have read so many other books that are to be inspiring, but this is the first one that was able to INSPIRE me. Although my experiences have been very different than those of your own, the words you wrote still reached me in a way that I can't explain. Thank you so much for sharing your story and motivation. Women around the country will be blessed to read this!!-Janice Wise, Springfield, Ontario

After reading the book Woman To Woman, The Journey To Me, I was motivated to make changes in my life, and motivated me to continue on with the things that I enjoyed, even though others thought that I should have given them up long ago. It was a truly inspiring book and I thank you for it.-Liz, Kitchener, Ontario