When I mentioned to a counselor that  I was seeing, that I believed our family had been cursed, as the same issues kept coming up, over and over again, she did all but roll her eyes at me, as she explained that I was having obsessive thinking.   There was no such thing as a family curse~ nor could family members pass on the same experiences over and over again.  I left it at that, but the thought continued to nag over and over in my mind.  

Like every family, we have our share of issues~~ the areas that bring deep shame, the ones we feel guilty about, the experiences that still have us counting to 10 so we don’t lose our temper.   That’s what family is all about, right?

So often, we get so caught up in our own experiences, that we don’t connect the dots to what our family before us have experienced.   But, that day at the counselor’s, I felt it deep within my heart, that my family was no longer creating a new story, but instead, repeating the same mistakes over and over until we were able to get it right.

And thus began my journey of discovering just how many patterns would come up in my family~~ just how many of us were attached to the same stories over and over again~~ and eventually, coming into a new understanding of the modality Ohana Generational Healing, so I could bring healing to my family on a whole new level.

What I wasn’t expecting was pure proof of what my thoughts had been telling me all along.

Here, you will find a newspaper article from 1923, in which a man, by the name of Robert Carter drowned while at sea off the coast of Newfoundland.   This was my great-grandfather’s father.   My great-grandfather was 4 years old when it happened.   Fast forward to 1990, and my great-grandfather’s son, Gerald, also met the same fate, while on a boat in Lake Ontario, where he fell off and drowned.   The same story showed up 67 years apart.

Further more, on my father’s side of the family, my father’s Uncle Joe was killed at the age of 25 while riding his motorcycle.  He was T-boned by a dumptruck on July 13, 1950.   His brother, Aaron, my grandfather, succumbed to injuries after being T-boned by a dump truck on January 1, 2005– 55 years later, and the pattern repeated.

Newspaper article of Joseph Kuepfer, my great Uncle’s accident on July 13, 1950.

Both of these examples are extremes of the trauma that a family can hold onto~~ the pain, the suffering and the untimely deaths that each of our family’s have faced.

Furthermore, when I began to look at the emotional issues that my family has experienced, I am able to see pinpoints of when the stories started to blend with one another, and why so many were suffering.

I have been blessed to receive a lot of information from periods of time when I wasn’t even born~~ the stories of my family have been written down, and shared, almost like a map showing me the way to start to diffuse the patterns and create a better tomorrow for our next generations.

With the work of the Ohana Generational Healing system, I have been able to heal myself (and witness it happening with others in our family) from the emotional turmoils and dependencies within my own family dynamic.   It’s not an overnight magic pill, however, over time, and over generations, we all have the ability to heal, to move forward and to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Until next time,


Catherine Graham is an intuitive, healer, and owner of Journey Healers. Catherine is also a mom of 7, and two granddaughters. She has been working with Spirit since 2004. Any comments or questions can be emailed to her at Catherine@journeyhealers.com