Social media, personal blog posts, and word of mouth has created a new paradigm around Empaths…what it means to be one, how you may suffer when you are one, and how you have little to no control over your empathic abilities.   But there’s a shift happening…teaching you to go from an Empath, to an Empowered Empath, and giving you the gift of mastering your empathic abilities.  

For many of you, now that you’ve clicked on the link, I can assume that you know what an Empath is, and most likely, you identify as being an Empath.  For those who clicked on, not really knowing what it is, an Empath is one who is extra sensitive to the energy, and feelings that are around them at any given time.   This means that if someone around them is angry, the empath will often pick up on it, and may become irritated themselves, unsure if the emotion is their own, or the other person’s.  Empaths have a tendency to absorb the emotions and energies, in an attempt to make everything better for everyone (think of it like this:  If you are feeling bad, and I know you’re feeling bad, I would absorb your feeling bad, so that you don’t have to feel it, even though all it’s doing is creating us both to feel bad).

While many believe that being an empath is a bad thing, it truly is a gift to sift through the B.S. this world presents you with.   Read along to see the reasons for you to celebrate being an empath today!

1. You have a built in Bullshit Meter. 

Whether someone is telling you that they are ‘fine’, or whether someone is outright lying to you, as an Empath you are able to feel that something is wrong in the energies.  The key here is to listen to what your instincts are telling you, rather than feeling sympathetic towards the one who is trying to bullshit their way past you.   Stand empowered in calling them out on it.

2.  You have no energy for energy vampires.  

Being an empath, allows you to feel those who are sucking your energy fast.   You may feel tired, or irritated around certain people.   Like the bullshit meter, this is an indicator to you that the relationship is not a give and take balance.   Take some time to reflect on the relationship, change it if needed, or let it go completely.   Some people will lean on you for a little bit, while others will suck every last ounce that you have.   Either way, it is your choice to continue the relationship with them.  Be honest with yourself as to why you are in the relationship and what bits are no longer feeling right.

3.  You are authentic.  

When you’re an empath, it’s hard to be someone you’re not.   You can’t turn off your heart, you can’t turn off your energy detectors.   You feel the way you do, and you honour that…even if it makes you feel a bit crazy.   Be sure that you are honouring your truth as you stand in your authenticity.  Many empaths will keep quiet for fear of hurting another, but you can be impeccable with your word, honouring yourself, and not hurt others all at the same time.

4.  You are a healer. 

Empaths are natural healers.  Whether animals or people, empaths are always able to seek out those who need them most and offer their love and energy to these souls.  Whether you have the education or professional background or not, it doesn’t matter.  People and animals are drawn to you for the energy you have.   You can use this to deepen your connections with others, in a way that feeds your soul as well.

5.  You can self care like no other.  

When you’re sensitive to the energies of others and the world around you, it can be very burdening.  However, when you are sensitive to  your own bodies needs as well you become an expert in self care.   This can be saying no to a night out, having a long hot bath, eating the foods your body is craving, reading a good book, hanging out with a close friend who energizes you, booking a healing treatment, or retreating to the woods for a bit.   What your self care routine looks like doesn’t matter, having one is what matters.   Empaths can often teach others the importance of listening to their body’s needs, by listening to their own, and shining that light for others.

Being an empath doens’t have to be a bad thing.  The more in tune you become with your own empathic abilities, and what triggers you to feel smaller than you are, the greater a gift it will feel for you.

On April 29, 2018, Janice Moffat and myself will be teaching a 4 hour workshop on how to ‘Reclaim Your Power‘ as an Empath.   This workshop is designed with your empath traits in mind, to help you stand in your own power while also acknowledging the highs and lows of being an empath.   We hope to see you there!

Until next time,


Catherine Graham is an intuitive, healer, and owner of Journey Healers. Catherine is also a mom of 7, and two granddaughters. She has been working with Spirit since 2004. Any comments or questions can be emailed to her at