Have you ever been to a psychic, an intuitive or a healer?  Chances are you are a bit of a believer, to be going in the first place.  However, are you being the best client you can be?  Are you getting the most out of the reading that you could be?

Here are some simple steps to help you get the most out of your psychic experience, from a psychic intuitive healer, to you~~

Listen to what is being said!

It sounds simple enough.  You go for a reading, and you listen to the information that is being said.  However, you would not believe how many people don’t want to listen to the information that they are being given.  Remember, that you are the paying client, who has come to the psychic intuitive for a reading~~ you are there to listen.  Even if it isn’t making sense at first, allow yourself to simply absorb it, and think about it.

I can’t count the number of times that someone has told me they have no idea what I’m talking about only to find out later that the Daisy I kept seeing from their grandmother, referred to a relationship their deceased father had prior to their birth, or that the information shared about their job was exactly what happened the next week; or the man of their dreams turned out to be a dud after all.  Your psychic intuitive is not there to hurt or harm you (or they shouldn’t be anyway) and they only want to see what is best for you.

Take Action!

So you go for your reading, and you get the information that gives you clarity or your next best steps.  Now what?  Do you stand still waiting for everything to fall perfectly into place, or do you start taking action steps?

You can go back to the same psychic a hundred times, or you can jump from psychic to psychic, and they will continue to tell you the same thing, until you start to take action in your own life, and allow the changes to start to happen.   Again, a psychic/intuitive only wants to help you, and we do, at times, bang our head against the wall when we see you falling into the same patterns, time and time again.

You can get as much guidance as you want, but if you do nothing with it, your wasting your own time, and ours.  Be good to yourself and take action in the direction that you are wanting to go!

Write or Record!

When you sit down for your reading, grab a notepad and pen, or bring along a recording device (many cellphones have this now).  Take notes, or record, what the psychic is telling you.  It may not make sense now, or you may not remember everything.  Sometimes, I have had people bring a friend, so the friend can take notes while they simply listen. 

Take Responsibility

Along with the Take Action, comes Take Responsibility.  This is your life.  Your psychic is basing your reading off the energy that you have, your Guides, your loved ones, and any information that is coming through. 

The information that is coming forward is based on what is best for you at this time.  At any point, you can take life into your own hands, and use your free will, to choose what you want to do, and your next steps.  Take responsibility in this.   It is your psychic’s job to read you, not to make  Every. Single. Decision. for you.  If you feel things aren’t working, or you’re just damn tired of sticking with the same old, and want a change, than do it!

Your psychic is there to offer guidance… not to give you a ‘how to manual’ on how you should live your life.  You are responsible for what information you take with you and what you do with it.

Stop Comparing!

Just like every mechanic is different, every doctor is different and every teacher is different, every psychic is different.  We all read in our own ways, using our own tools, methods, etc.  Some swear.  Some don’t .  Some read energy, some talk to the dead, some see the future, some see the past.  This doesn’t make any of them right or wrong… they are just using the gifts that they have received, or have worked on developing.

When it comes to choosing your psychic, it is best that you choose one that suits you and your own personal needs.  Every psychic has their own way of doing their readings~~ when you are booking, you can always ask what tools they use, but please, don’t compare them to other psychics…  What works for some, does not work for all~~ and no, we’re not all like Theresa Caputo, ready to share your messages of loved ones crossed over, while you’re out drinking a coffee (remember, that’s t.v!)

Having a reading can be fun, informative, and helpful, when you are willing to listen, and then take action and responsibility for your own life.  A psychic reading is valuable when making tough life decisions, or needing that push to move forward.  Be sure to be open to the information that is coming through for you.

Until next time,


Catherine Graham is an intuitive, healer, and owner of Journey Healers. Catherine is also a mom of 7, and two granddaughters. She has been working with Spirit since 2004. Any comments or questions can be emailed to her at Catherine@journeyhealers.com