When I first started my journey, I wrote a Facebook post about moms for Mothers’ Day.   It was a big hit at the time, and many people suggested that I send it to the local newspaper to be published.   I took the leap and sent it in. Within a few hours I received an email from the editor, he wanted to print it! He wanted to know my background.  But I was only a mom. No special education. No writing degree. Just the ability to push out babies.  

He suggested to me that I should consider a career in journalism or write a book.

The thought of writing a book had been at the back of my mind.   Writing was becoming very therapeutic for me…. But could I?

Fast forward a few days, and my husband and I were heading to the bus stop.   My mind was reeling with all of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘Could I possibly?’ kind of questions.   The editor had sparked a flame, but I wasn’t sure if I was truly ready…

When we got on the bus, a man sat behind me, looking a bit shabby, smelling a bit like alcohol, and really not someone I was hoping to hold conversation with me.

‘Everyone has a story to tell’, he said to me through whiskey-stained breath.  I glanced behind me. He was staring right at me. ‘Yep, everyone has a story.   And if everybody would just share their story, with just one person, you never know how that might impact a life’.   

My skin was covered in goosebumps.  Was this guy a messenger? Was this God showing up to tell my mind to shut the hell up and just write the damn book?

The man stood up at the next bus stop, and started to leave.   He sang American Pie.

It was odd.  It was weird.   But, something inside me shifted.

I wrote that first book.  Nine months later it was complete.   And when it arrived in the mail, I ran out to the van to take it to my husband’s work to show him.   When I turned on the van, the words to American Pie rang out of the radio.

That man, whoever he was, was an angel, who gave me the permission that I thought I needed to just write out my story.   To speak my truth. I constantly go back to that moment, the day my life was literally touched by an angel, as it truly shifted everything and gave me the permission to just believe in myself.

Catherine Graham is an intuitive, healer, and owner of Journey Healers. Catherine is also a mom of 7, and two granddaughters. She has been working with Spirit since 2004. Any comments or questions can be emailed to her at Catherine@journeyhealers.com