Reading ‘tarot’ for a living has taught me a lot… about life, about letting go, and about learning lessons.

When I first started to learn tarot, back in 2004, I would go back and forth between the cards and the book, trying to depict what the images were trying to show me.  As time went on, I was able to rely less on the book, and trust what my intuition was showing me.   Now, I’m an avid believer in living your life freely, and not by the information on a deck of cards, however, I am also an avid believer that sometimes we just need a bit of ‘oomph’ to help us get on our way in the direction of where our lives are leading us.

Which brings me to sharing a simplified list with what tarot has taught me along the way, working with clients, and working for myself.

Tarot always sees through the bullshit.  

As a professional reader for almost 10 years, I have come to learn that tarot will call you on your bullshit, whether you like it or not.   Take it from Tammy** (**names changed to protect my clients) who was receiving advice from the cards that she needed to end it with her partner.   She claimed he was a good guy, he was very supportive, he was always there for her.   The cards were showing me something quite different though, and the appearance of the Devil card had me asking about his addictions.

At this Tammy confessed that he was the one that introduced her to cocaine, and supplied her with it whenever she needed a boost.   At only 18 years old, she had become reliant on his ‘gifts’ to her.

He may have been supportive, but he was also supporting her to develop a lifetime habit that could end up fatally.

Tarot believes in you and wants you to succeed.  

Like your own personal GPS, tarot will lay out the map to help you reach the destination that you are wanting to reach.   Tarot wants you to succeed, and as such will point out the areas that you need to look out for, the ways to get you through any challenges, and point out your own inner demons in order to help you get to where you are wanting to go.

Sometimes it comes as a harsh reality check, where you are needing to look at your own personality, your quirks and your strengths, and doing some ‘work’ to help you move through the disbelief you have in yourself and your own dreams.   And always, tarot will show you the way.

Tarot wants you to stop lying to yourself.  

It’s the age-old story, where one is ready to leave a job, but is afraid of not finding another; where one is ready to leave a relationship, but afraid to be alone; where one is wanting to write a book, but afraid that no one will read it.

So often, I have found that tarot will point out exactly what the client’s heart is truly wanting, only to hear the disbelief from the client that it’s actually possible.  As humans we are so conditioned to believing that what our dreams are, what our heart wants is unrealistic, and so we try to map out the way, even when it’s killing us to follow the logical plan.

While we may think that we aren’t good enough, don’t have what it takes, will never get there, etc, tarot believes in our highest calling, and only wants us to see it too.

Tarot is only a piece of paper with pictures.  

They aren’t evil.   They aren’t spawned by the devil.  You aren’t going to hell for getting your cards read, or for reading for yourself.   At the end of the day, tarot is just a piece of paper, with images on them, that show the areas of your life where you may need some extra love, some extra time and some extra work.   Nothing is written in stone.

As a human being, you have a choice to do what you want with whatever comes forward during your tarot reading.   You can take it like a grain of salt, or you can follow it to the nth degree.  The choice is completely yours.

Have you had your cards read?

Until next time,


Catherine Graham is an intuitive, healer, and owner of Journey Healers. Catherine is also a mom of 7, and two granddaughters. She has been working with Spirit since 2004. Any comments or questions can be emailed to her at