Journey Healers offers a variety of healing services, both in person and distant.  Each healing session is unique and individualized to meet your own specific needs.  You will be asked at the time of your appointment what you are hoping to get out of your treatment, and the treatment will be modified from there so that the best of healing can take place.    Services can be combined.  Please let us know at the time of your booking if you would like to combine them.

Healing services include:

Reiki~ a hands on energy technique that helps to relax and rebalance the body, by releasing blockages in the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies during a one hour session.  This modality can be done in person, or distantly. (an email report will be sent when the session is complete)  $75

Ohana Generational Healing~  Family trauma is inherited through the DNA and holds us in our patterns and dysfunctions.  In this session, you will be tapping into the trauma that your family has been carrying with it through generations.  By sending the energy that is trapped in the DNA of your body, you are able to clear the traumas from the previous, current and future generations in your family.  This modality can be done in person, or distantly.  $100

Access Bars~ focused on 32 energy bars within your head, Access Bars helps you to move past judgements, limiting belief systems and implants that are keeping you stuck in your life, during a one hour session.  This modality is to be done in person. $75 

Integrative Energy Technique (IET)~ Designed to help relieve you of perceived negative emotions that are keeping you stuck, including guilt, anger, shame, betrayal, resentment, powerlessness and fear.  Each emotion is replaced by its opposite, to leave you lighter and enlightened.  This is a hands on technique and best done in person. 

Crystal Therapy~~ This one hour treatment is individualized for your highest healing needs.  Using a variety of crystals placed in various grids around the body, the session leaves you energized, and at peace.  This can be done in person, or distantly (an emailed report will be sent when the session is complete) $75

Preseli Bluestone Therapy~~ Using the Preseli Bluestone (the same rocks found at Stonehenge) this powerful treatment utilizes the healing energies of the stones to help clear issues from past lives, current life, and beyond.  Can be done in person or distantly (an email report will be sent when the session is complete)  $75

Past Life Regression~ take a journey into the past to bring a deeper understanding to who you are now.  This session can take a bit more than an hour, depending on how much information you are able to share while in your relaxation.  Must be done in person.   $130

Indian Head Massage~  focused on your back, shoulders, neck, head, and face, this 50 minute treatment gives you 50 minutes of cranial bliss, with effects lasting even longer!  The Indian head massage is beneficial in relieving stress, headaches, and is a treatment for your hair.  $75

What People are saying about their Healing

When I went in for my first Reiki treatment, I was experiencing a lot of lower back and leg pain. The pain was so intense that I was becoming irritable. After the Reiki treatment, the pain became very minimal, and my irritability disapated. I was very relaxed. I highly recommend a Reiki treatment for anyone who is experiencing imbalances of any sort. – Jon Graham, Kitchener, Ontario
I like Reiki. It tickles, and it makes me feel good, like yoga. – Jezika Topham, age 4


I’ve recently had the Preseli Blue Stone session with Catherine, and it was great!! Highly recommend it for deep healing. During the session, I felt incredibly relaxed, and at times a lot of pressure in my chest as lower vibrations and blockages were lifted away. Amazing too for my stubborn aching shoulder!!~Sherri, Cambridge, Ontario


Catherine is a gifted healer. She is lovely, kind, patient & knowledgeable. I always come home relaxed yet inspired after a session with her. Thank you ♥~ Sherry, Waterdown, Ontario


Had an amazing session with Catherine today ! I would reccomend her to anyone. The session I had was exactly what I needed to hear ! Very professional and relaxing~~Crissy, Kitchener, Ontari


I always feel so much better when I have had contact with Catherine whether it is a session or a class. I always gain knowledge and a sense of peace. Thank you Catherine!~ Victoria, Kitchener, Ontario


Just a wonderful, loving, caring person. Highly recommend for any service!~ Annette, Waterloo, Ontario


Absolutely love it, the energy received is great, wise wisdom~~ Cathy, Windsor, Ontario


Catherine is wonderful, amazing and very talented at what she does! She has amazing gifts and is so kind hearted! She definitely goes above and beyond and out of her way!!!! She is extremely helpful, understanding and even if its a visit that comes with tears she knows how to cheer you up and help you head in the right direction…….Thank you for all that you have done and for all that you do!!!!!!!~~Nina, Teeswater, Ontario


Catherine is down to earth, funny, compassionate and kind. I had an akashic record reading and a mini mediumship session (all rolled into one) She was so tuned in – I felt a shift leaving the session. Thanks for a great experience. HIGHLY recommended.~~Karen, Cambridge, Ontario


Catharine has been a true light in every encounter I have had with her… I hope she knows how much I appreciate her warmth, guidance, light and love…. I thank the Angels for our paths crossing~Paula, Cambridge, Ontario