Are you feeling lost, stuck, or that there’s something more to life that you’re just not getting? 

Do you feel that this isn’t the life that you signed up for? 

Are you wanting to create more magic in your life? 

Are you ready to commit to yourself, your Soul and your vision for your future? 

In my 15+ years of spiritual growth, development and learning, I have learned that no one’s life starts out perfectly, or even works perfectly, well into adulthood.

In fact, more often than not, adults are reaching a point in their life where they can no longer keep up with the ‘character’ that they have built for themselves.   Their Soul gets louder and louder, asking for something more, something to connect to, and something to give them hope.

While many seek out the answers from gurus, spiritual leaders and the latest self-help books, the true answers already lay within you.

The Journey Healers Coaching Program is designed to help you navigate what your Soul already knows, as you connect in deeper with your authentic voice, your soul callings, and rediscover your truth.

It’s not so much about discovering THE truth, but rather YOUR truth.

The 12 week coaching program includes:

  • 12- one hour coaching sessions that are built around your own visions for yourself (distantly or in person)
  • Heart Aligned Guided Steps focusing on your goals for your own growth
  • Daily inspiration and prompts for self care, journaling, exercises to help you discover your own personal truths
  • Guided meditation designed solely for you and your vision
  • 3 energy sessions based on your unique needs (can be done distantly or in person)
  • Soul Contract Reading using your own unique name that allows you to see the emphasis of your Soul’s journey, and the lessons attached to your name
  • One-Year Look Ahead Emailed to you at the end of your 12 week program
  • Journey Within Oracle Deck and Journal mailed to you
  • One Year Access to VIP Group

Catherine has experience in dealing with:   Building a Spiritually Aligned Business, Relationship Challenges, Authenticity, Book writing, Manifesting, Releasing and Letting Go, Unblocking Limited Beliefs and Old Stories, Trauma-Informed Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation, Goal-oriented, Developing Intuition/Psychic Abilities, Empowerment training, Abundance, Spirit Guides, Tapping into Creativity

Catherine is a Certified Life Coach; Energy Healer (Certified in Ohana Generational Healing, Reiki, Access Bars, Integrative Energy Technique, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression) and Intuitive Psychic Medium.   Catherine has been enlightening souls since 2008, through one on one sessions, workshops, classes and retreats.   She is the author of Woman to Woman, The Journey To Me; Power Surge; A Journey Into Fear; Naked Soul and the soon to be released, Truth or Trigger.   Catherine is also the creator of oracle decks, Bitchslaps from the Universe and Journey Within/Journey The Fuck Within.

$2000 Value

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