Journey The F*ck Within Oracle Deck

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The Journey The Fuck Within Oracle Deck asks the bigger questions to surpass your mind and step into your heart.  Perfect for meditation and journalling prompts, or to complement your readings by asking a deeper question, this deck moves you past your limiting beliefs and helps you to move into a state of the unknown, where the Universe can truly start to speak to you.


Often we find ourselves looking for the answers to life’s nuances and neglect to ask ourselves the deeper questions that can expand us beyond our current experiences and limiting beliefs.

By asking the deeper questions, we begin to surpass the ego mind, and connect with the heart, allowing us to access a deeper truth of what is possible for us.   When we listen to the inner guidance that comes forward from these deeper questions, we tap into the magic of all that we are and all that we are capable of.

Intuitive psychic medium and energy healer, Catherine Graham personally experienced this in 2018, when she was asking the question:  How do I make more money?   She was burnt out, tired and desperate for a resolution.   Month after month, she would ask the question, and received no answer that gave her the freedom and rest that she wanted.

After deep Soul searching, she asked ‘What does my heart want now?’

In that the answer was ‘Rest’, and while she originally argued with it, the more she surrendered to the idea of resting, the more in flow she became.

It was in the rest and hours of meditation that Catherine created her first oracle deck, Bitchslaps from the Universe, which is now sold internationally.   By listening to her heart, Catherine was able to create the finances her mind was seeking and give her heart and Soul the space they needed to fully expand.

What the fuck would you be allowing yourself to receive by asking more questions rather than getting stuck in what you know?

How the fuck could your heart expand into it’s truest form by listening to what it’s saying?

The Journey Within Oracle Deck allows you to ask the deeper questions so that you can hear the simpler and more expansive answers of the heart.   Each deck also includes the Journey Within Journal.

Not looking for the F-bombs?   Check out our sister deck:  Journey Within Oracle Deck

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