This playful formula is the anecdote to fast-paced, modern life.

It encourages you to be yourself, to take up space, to be wild, to shine your light, and share your gifts with the world.

Each day is a reminder that you can do anything you set your heart to.

Use this elixir to birth new projects or breath fresh air into existing ones.

+ Lowers inflammation

+ Supports cell regeneration

+ Adaptogenic tonic

+ Being in the present moment

+ Connect to our senses to bring about change

+ Tuning in to your creative energy

+ Balanced Sacral Chakra

Ingredients: Butterfly Blue Pea (Clitoria ternatea), Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis), Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Organic Cane Alcohol, Spring Water, Honey

Suggested Use: 2-3 dropperfuls as needed. Can be added to water, tea, or drink of choice.