I get it.

You’ve been running around on the same hamster wheel for years now, and just can’t seem to jump off.

You may find:

  • You react in situations with anger, shut down, hurt
  • You reject your own feelings to keep others comfortable
  • You self-sabatoge yourself
  • You can’t deal with other’s high intensity emotions
  • You have a hard time putting words to your emotions, or articulating your experiences
  • You act like a child when you go through a difficult experience (temper tantrums, etc)
  • You feel as though you’re not good enough, that you are alone, that you need to fix everything, that you need to prove yourself.
  • You would rather do things on your own/feel like you have to do things on your own
  • You are a people pleaser or ‘fixer’- you show up for everyone else except for yourself

Trust me.  We’ve all been there.

But you don’t have to stay there.

The ‘Wounded to Healed Inner Child Healing Masterclass’ will help you to:

  • Identify and communicate your emotions and feelings regardless of how difficult the experience is
  • Focus on your own healing journey, and give others the space to do their own
  • Heal your relationships with others, with a focus on communicating your needs, wants and desires (and giving them the space to be able to do the same)
  • Deal with situations that are stressful without numbing/distracting yourself, or feeling overwhelming emotions
  • Be the parent/teacher/guardian that you always wanted/wished you had
  • Find confidence within yourself, find your voice, and move through life with ease and grace***
  • Ask for, and open yourself to receiving help from others


Class starts August 11 and runs until September 1.   Classes take place on Wednesday evenings via the Zoom link provided at 7pmEST.   Class is one hour in length, with a 30 minute Q and A at the end of each class (plan to be there 7-830pm)