At Journey Healers, we believe that you are your best guide, however, sometimes life can hand some big lemons, and the guidance, understanding and encouragement of an Intuitive Reading can help you to move past the obstacles in your life and get you on the path that you want to be.

Each reading at Journey Healers is based on love, compassion and understanding.  I use a combination of tarot and oracle cards, intuitive guidance and mediumship to connect with your Guides and Loved Ones and bring you the answers that you are needing to hear at this time.  Even when the messages are tough, you will be given tools to help you through to your next steps.  I am able to give you examples of what will happen based on your energy at the time of your reading, but ultimately, you have a choice as to what you want to do with that information. 

There are no limits to the questions that you can ask~~ many ask about love, relationships, health, life purpose, past lives, career, work, children, pets, loved ones who have crossed over, etc.  (I once had a woman ask about the mental and emotional health of her snake~~ there’s no ‘wrong’ question!!)

Readings can be done in person, or online, depending on what is easier for you.  You are able to record your session when done in person.   

In person readings are $100 (taxes included) for one hour. 

Online readings are varied in price, depending on the number of questions you are asking.  Please visit our store to find the perfect reading for you.   

Group parties are also available.  

Choose between~

Spirit Party~ $350   No minimum or maximum number of attendees.   2 hour party in a group setting receiving messages from your loved ones.  This is a great party for bringing people together, connecting and sharing in the love, laughter, and healing that our loved ones are passing on to us.

Tarot Party- $60/person.  Minimum of 6 people.  Each reading is 30 minutes in length.  These individual readings look at all areas of life and focus on what it is that you are needing to hear now.

What People are saying about their Reading

Catherine helped me to find hope by connecting me to my mom after she died.  She was able to help me see the many ways my mom was trying to get through to me, even when I didn’t want to listen.  I have now taken some huge steps in my journey to get to where  I have always wanted to be.  Thank you Catherine!~ Jessica, Waterloo, Ontario


Thought she was awesome, told me sonething, no one would even know, even who came thru was right on Will be going again~~ Darlene, Kitchener, Ontario


Amazing! I had a reading done and Catherine was dead on about things happening in my life right now. I highly recommend her~~Maria, Kitchener, Ontario


I was guided to Catherine about a year ago. I was impressed with her caring and insightful advice. Each and every time I meet with her I walk away feeling very positive and I love the different perspectives she gives me on my life. I would recommend Catherine to anyone. She has been so helpful. I am inspired by this fantastic woman.~ Shari, Guelph Ontario


Great experience Catherine was very knowledgeable with great insight and support. Will love to go again in the future.~~ Deborah, Kitchener, Ontario


Amazing, insightful, patient and to the point. I have much more confidence, joy and enthusiasm since. Many thanks!~~ Jenny, Kitchener, Ontario


Thanks again for yesterday. You have no idea (well ok maybe you do smile emoticon ) how much that meant to me. I could have spent the whole day with you, so much I need to know.  The fact that you were able to connect with my Dad, after no one else was able to, truly brought so much healing.  Thanks again.~ Carol, Arthur, Ontario


I end up in tears each time! lol Thanks so much! I’m amazed at how clear your window is in to my world. I appreciate being able to tap in to your gift for guidance. Your messages for me have been very helpful. Thank you ~~ Jessica, Kentucky, USA


Your reading about Mr Carter (our friend in the store) continues to touch lives here. A very powerful experience for me the other day with Mr Carter’s lifelong friend. Thank you.~~ Sue, Niagara Falls, Ontario


I am blown away by Catherine from Journey Healers. SHE IS a medium. And the things and people that came through are amazing!~~ Lisa, Kitchener, Ontario


I was fortunate to meet Catherine today for a reading. My mother and I both were able to have readings completed by her. I was quite happy with both my mothers and my reading. The vibe I received from Catherine is that she is positive personal and influential. We went past our time a tad and she didn’t kick us out or set a time limit. I would recommend her to others for sure. She was very generous with my mother and gave her a gift to help her as well as myself…I was overjoyed when I received my gift from her. I will return to her again in the future. Thanks so much Catherine!~Tammy, Waterloo, Ontario


Catherine is ALWAYS there for matter what I need she’s my go to girl! i’m so incredibly thankful for everything she has helped me through! She’s so kind, generous and willing to help, she makes you feel comfortable asking any question (and trust me i’ve asked some abnormal questions lol)! ♥~~Crystal , Wingham, Ontario


Catherine is a very kind, & loving healer that generously shares her gifts. I recently received a 3 card reading from Catherine. The reading is detailed, insightful and encouraging. At first I didn’t know exactly what part of my life the reading was describing & this was because it could have been referring to several different situations. In the 6 days since the reading, there has been enough of a shift in my life that I understand the message Spirit had Catherine give me. I am appreciative of this awareness. Thank you!!! ~~Amy, Toronto, Ontario

I was pleasantly surprised to see that you had done this reading for me. And you were so accurate with everything you said to me from what the cards showed. Too accurate actually! You have no idea the emotions that reading evoked. Anyway, thanks so much.
-Shelley, Ontario Canada
It gave me chills to hear what you and the cards had to say. You were able to hit on aspects of my life that I was having a hard time communicating. It evoked a lot of emotion from me and helped me to realize that what I want in life is validated. Thank you. -Pattie Sue, Cambridge, Ontario
Pattie Sue

Thank you~thank you~ thank you!! Amazing accuracy- TJ, New Hamburg


The tarot reading had amazing accuracy. Some things I never told anyone you were able to hit. Thank you.- Rose, Kitchener, Ontario


WOW!! You really hit the nail on the head! Thank you Catherine– you brought me a better clarity for what path I should be choosing at this point in my life. Thank you.- Linda, Kitchener, Ontario


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